Orton Bradley Cafe
Closed for winter

Located amidst the heritage buildings and under a splendid canopy of beautiful trees, Orton Bradley Cafe has been a popular destination over summer.

Delivering superb food, coffee and tea within a great historical and park like setting. Themed around 1892 the Cafe brings Colonial history alive. Delivering Colonial deliciousness with passionate artisan skill.

Orton Bradley Cafe is about stepping back in time and experiencing life as it was nearly a hundred years ago through sites, smells, sounds and tastes. Here costumed ladies and gents give a fascinating insight into New Zealand Colonial farm life as they went about their daily lives.

Phone: +64 3 329 4730

2 great menus available for group bookings

Set Menu Lunch

Xmas Set Menu 

A great selection of cakes and slices to enjoy with your tea or coffee

A great selection of cakes and slices to enjoy with your tea or coffee

Entrance to Cafe

There is no entrance fee to enjoy the delicious food and drinks available at the Cafe. If you would like to explore the Park further to try the Playground, bike tracks, walking tracks or the other attractions in the park, the standard entrance fee applies.
Adults $5, Children $1. To a maximum of $10 per car load. 


Closed until Spring 2017


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