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Cafe has closed for winter

On the southern shores of the Lyttelton Harbour sits Orton Bradley Park Café nestled in a stunning 650ha park. On a still day the birdsong is majestic, the locals are friendly, and the air has a sweet untouched feel. The Café is north facing and is drenched in all day sun, with cover from giant chestnut and walnut trees. The piwakawaka, kereru and pigeons are extremely friendly and so are we.

Cooked breakfasts all day with lunch and dinner specials. A full cabinet of fresh healthy salads and sandwiches. Loose leaf tea, espresso coffee, decadent cakes and slices. The chef is experienced in gluten free, vegan and sugar free so if you have any preferences or requirements just let us know.

Here at Orton Bradley Café we are proud to use who we think are the best suppliers from around Christchurch. Our take away cups, containers, bags and cutlery are all 100% biodegradable and compostable. Our eggs are free range, our Peter Timbs meat products are free farmed, also our Noble and Savage tea and C4 coffee are all ethically sourced.

We hope you enjoy the extra effort we put in to reduce environmental damages and to put a stop to unfair animal practices. The philosophy here is simple, you are what you eat and at Orton Bradley Café we say good products in, good products out. If we use the best products from the best suppliers and do our best with them,  they will be the best they can be.

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Cafe Hours:

The cafe is closed for winter.
Re-opens in Spring.

Entrance to Cafe

There is no entrance fee to enjoy the delicious food and drinks available at the Cafe.

If you would like to explore the Park further to try the Playground, bike tracks, walking tracks or the other attractions in the park, the standard entrance fee applies.
Adults $5, Children $1. To a maximum of $10 per car load. 


020 4187 5747


If you would like to reserve a table or allow us to Cater for your group, please call us or fill out the form below.

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