The Orton Bradley Rhododendron garden is now recognised as a collection of national significance. The New Zealand hybrid collection is one of the most comprehensive to be found, and includes an almost complete collection of Canterbury hybrids.

The developing species collection contains a number of rarely seen species. The plants have been grouped to provide impact foliage and colour, while companion plants, such as the Himalayan Lilly, (usually in flower first week Dec), have been chosen as they naturally coexist with rhododendrons and have rarity value.

Lilly, one of many exotic flowers on display in the garden

Lilly, one of many exotic flowers on display in the garden


As we are a private park, there is an entrance fee to enter the park. The entrance fee helps to maintain the tracks, buildings and other attractions within the park. Your co-operation is much appreciated.

The entrance fee is $5 per adult, $1 per child, to a maximum of $10 per car load.


Due to Orton Bradley Park being a working farm, and also hosting many young children, we do not allow dogs on the property. There are kennels available for use at the entrance booth.


Become a "Friend of the Park" for $35 per year. You and your family can have unlimited entry to the Park, a 6 monthly newsletter, and concessions to special events. Join us and help us keep the park alive and healthy with your contribution.

The Park is run under an act of parliament and operates as a charitable trust.


The Park is open from 8.00am to 5.30pm, 7 days a week. Please note, gates are locked outside these hours and a call out fee may apply.